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LA- A Damsel In Distress?- 5
Persephone smiled at Tiger and was about to reply when a large creamy-white dog appeared and called out to the small dog. Persephone watched as the dog continued to come closer; it seemed as if he hadn't noticed her presence.
The large dog had nearly reached her before he stopped and addressed her. Persephone's suspicions had been correct, the dog hadn't realized she was there and he now seemed almost a little embarrassed about barging in on Tiger and Persephone's conversation.
"You're not interrupting anything." Persephone assured the newcomer. She paused before continuing, deciding what would be the best way to refer to Tiger. "Noble Tiger was just introducing himself." She said, hoping Tiger appreciated the use of the name.
Persephone stood on her sore feet, "My name is Persephone." She said, smiling. She couldn't believe her luck! Not only one, but two (well three if you counted the sheep), potential friends stood before her.
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LA- The Search For Food- 8
"Wait!" Hades winced as he realized what he had just done. "Uhh." The terrier was at a loss for words. "Uhm, I mean, she'll be fine. She knows how to protect herself." He rambled nervously. He knew he had to do something now, what kind of dog would call another back to tell them their sister would be okay?
"Uhm, I was just wondering..." The terrier looked down at his feet, trying to hide his embarrassment. "Do you...I mean, could you, no, would you by any chance..." He took a deep breath, he knew he had to do it. There was no way he could do it on his own. It took a few moments for Hades to force himself to continue, "Would you help me?"
There, he had said it! It wasn't that bad...who was he kidding, it was terrible! He felt as if he had just screamed his deepest secrets out to the whole world!
Taking a deep breath, he glanced up at the hound, just waiting for her to turn around and laugh in his face.
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LA- A Damsel In Distress?- 2
Persephone, who had been trying her best to sleep, jumped when the small dog spoke. She began to stand up, but stopped when she saw the dog that had spoken and the sheep behind him. They seemed friendly enough, well, she wasn't positive about the sheep, she's never met one and had heard they could be dangerous. Deciding to give them the benefit of the doubt, the terrier quickly banished any negative thoughts to the back of her mind, concentrating on the current situation.
"Uhm," Persephone paused, not knowing what to say. "Life?" She finally said, laughing a bit. She could help but smile at the little dog with his gentlemanly demeanor.
"Well, really, its just my paws." She continued, lifting her foot to show her brittle and cracked paw pads. "It happens all the time, really."  She smiled, "My name's Persephone. My I know the name of the noble sir who has come to my rescue?" The terrier said, trying her best to mimic the dogs eccentric approach.    
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LA- The Search For Food- 6
Hades cocked his head to the side, "A deer? As a packmate?" He asked, sounding slightly concerned, but he quickly brushed that aside and moved on to thinking about his options for finding food.
The terrier sighed, "I'm sure you're right about the sheep, especially since there's a whole herd of them." Hades sat, looking blankly up at the sky as if he was waiting for some miracle to present itself. Needless to say, it didn't.
"So, the unclaimed land is just over the hill?" He paused for a moment, "Well, I suppose that's my best bet." The terrier stood, trying not to think about how small the chance that he would be able to catch anything was.
Hades remembered the hounds comment about the sheep. She had said we, and despite his calm outer appearance, he was desperately hoping she would offer to come along. He had already asked her about food, and he couldn't bring himself to ask for her assistance.
"Well...I guess I better get going." He said as he began to slowly walk away.  
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New Character/Possible Fursona Concept by lurking-chaos New Character/Possible Fursona Concept :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 1 0 Semi-natural English Bull Terrier Adopts~ CLOSED by lurking-chaos Semi-natural English Bull Terrier Adopts~ CLOSED :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 6 10 Ren~Gift by lurking-chaos Ren~Gift :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 2 2
LA- The Search For Food- 5
Hades was relieved to hear the hound was alone, usually he would assumed she was lying until proved otherwise, but there was something about the dog. Hades felt he could trust her and relax, which surprised him, but he was too tired to think too much of it.
"It has it's ins and outs." The terrier replied to the dogs comment about traveling with family. He sighed as his thoughts were diverted back to Persephone. He hated leaving her alone for too long.
Focusing again on the current situation, Hades faced the dog, in an obviously non-threatening way. "Do you, by any chance, know any good places to find food?" he asked, again, with an irregular feeling of calmness. "I need to find some for my sister."
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P2U Bull Terrier Line Art by lurking-chaos P2U Bull Terrier Line Art :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 33 6 Info Later by lurking-chaos Info Later :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 2 0 Lucifer Temp Ref by lurking-chaos Lucifer Temp Ref :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 1 0 Amorite by lurking-chaos Amorite :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 2 7 First try at lineless art by lurking-chaos First try at lineless art :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 1 0 I can't draw felines... by lurking-chaos I can't draw felines... :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 0 0
LA-The Search For Food- 3
Hades was startled by the hounds sudden greeting. He instinctually let out a deep growl as he looked around, trying to locate the owner of the raspy voice that had spoken. The scruffy dog was quickly located and Hades quickly sized her up, just in case the dogs friendly demeanor was not genuine.
Deciding the dog didn't seem much of a threat, the terrier allowed himself to relax a little. His body quickly reminded him of how cold he was and he couldn't help but shiver.
Composing himself, Hades finally addressed the dog. "My name is Hades." He said, not letting his weakened condition show through his voice. He didn't know how long he could hold up if the dog did decide to attack. "My sister and I just arrived." He continued, cautiously coming a little closer. He looked around warily, hoping he wasn't stepping into a trap. Considering the terrier's nose was barely picking up the scent of the dog before him, he could have very easily been surrounded and not known it.
Hades couldn't help bu
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Beans Design Contest by lurking-chaos Beans Design Contest :iconlurking-chaos:lurking-chaos 2 3


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Would anyone be interested in adopts? Mainly Bull Terriers (cause I love them to death XD ). I want to make adopts, but I don't make them enough to make a separate account for them and I know some people find adopts annoying. 

Also, is it just me or has there been a amazingly huge amount of BT adopts lately? o.O


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